NEW Neptune Apex Products in stock

Neptune Apex System Products

NEW Neptune Apex Products in stock

We’re very excited to be stocking the Neptune Apex products here at Marine Fish Shop, Holbeach. Neptune Apex System offers an exceptional and comprehensive family of equipment, controllers, sensors, and accessories. Core equipment can be used alone, as part of a purpose-built solution, or all together in an easy-to-use integrated aquarium equipment system.

Neptune Apex Products

With 25 years of monitoring

Tens of thousands of aquariums. Billions of measurements a year. Near zero downtime. Neptune Systems has been helping aquarists monitor their marine ecosystems for 25 years. In an aquarium, parameters can change in the blink of an eye. Apex provides 24/7 monitoring of your aquarium to help fine-tune the stability your fish and corals need to thrive while alerting you to any changes that might negatively impact their ability to survive.

Neptune Systems is the pioneer in aquarium automation and control. From humble beginnings on the founder’s tank to today’s worldwide user community, Neptune has been passionately focused on helping aquarists to create stable, successful, and protected aquariums.  With our thoughtfully designed ecosystem of products Neptune Systems has the control solution any aquarist is looking for.

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