Protein Skimmers

We sell a huge range of Protein Skimmers for your marine fish environment, including Nyos Quantum Skimmers, and many Deltec Skimmers too.  All from amazing manufacturers, built to last.  Each one is available from our online store, or pop in to our shop in Holbeach to see our full range.  Our team will be glad to explain the benefits of each one, so you can make an informed choice.


We also sell quite the sought after range of Lighting products, to illuminate your fish's environment in the most wonderful way, such as Ecotech Radion lighting and the new Reef Factory Reef Flare Bar Lights.

Marine Pumps

Our range of pumps is growing all the time, and now we also sell Powerheads, Water Pumps & Dosing Pumps for any marine aquarium.

And if you are looking for Heaters and Controllers, look no further than this Reef Factory Thermo Control Temperature Controller.  Amazing controls at your fingertips, to improve the temperature in your environment.

UV Sterilizers

We also sell UV Sterilizers, to keep everything in tip top condition for your marine fish.

Fully stocked for all your Marine Fish Equipment that you need