New online tool to build your perfect aquarium

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New online tool to build your perfect aquarium

When we get customers coming into our store in Holbeach, asking “would this light work with that aquarium”, it gave us the idea of guiding our customers in the right direction, online.

For example, you might want to choose a particular aquarium, and then be shown the best lighting, the right sort of pumps and so on, for that aquarium – well now you can.

We’ve had a new Build your own Aquarium tool setup on our website, and it’s super easy to you.


Select your Aquarium

From a vast array of aquariums, you can choose wooden, the colour, the size, whatever you want.

Need some lighting?

Our LED lighting is superior for all aquariums, displaying your fish and accessories at their best.

Varied other accessories

From skimmers and powerheads, to pumps and heaters, you can pick and choose what you want, knowing they work with your chosen aquarium.

The online guide

As each item is added, you know you have got the very best for your hobby, from the county’s best Aquarium retailer.

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