Stockists of Radion, AI Prime LED, AI Blade & Reef Factory Lighting.

The newest generation of Radions G6 lighting radically redefines the simplicity, beauty, and power of the LED light. The best Marine aquarium lighting in the world just got better.

The AI Prime 16HD LED lighting from AquaIllumination® is Hyperdrive™ HD Technology which brings more power and color where you want it, for your corals and fishes, plus the freedom to use your smartphone or computer as a controller. The AI Blade marine lighting is a powerful and balanced growth spectrum to light your aquarium.  Ideal for all aquariums, including the amazing D-D Reef Pro.

The Reef Factory Reef Flare Bars come with a spectrum delivering 100% PUR these LED bars are versatile and powerful, with the added benefits of fully controllable intensity and photoperiod all through Smart Reef. All devices connect wirelessly where the smart reef system allows cloud control for your aquarium devices giving you constant access and control on your smart reef aquarium.