Neptune Systems Apex A3 – Jr

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Neptune Systems Apex A3 – Jr

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Neptune Systems Apex A3 - Jr

Monitoring for all, control ready.

The Neptune Systems Apex A3 – Jr. is the first monitoring only solution that monitors exactly what you need; and, when ready, opens the door to control for all aquarists.

A3 Apex Jr Base Unit:

  • 2 FMM Ports
  • 2 Aquabus Ports
  • 1 pH probe port
  • 1 Temperature probe port
  • WiFi compatible only (no Ethernet port)
  • New built-in audible alarm
  • Expandable

Track temperature and pH with included lab-grade, double-junction probes
Monitor water level with new MOS Magnetic Optical Sensor
Stay on top of leaks with LD-2 Leak Detection Floor Sensor
Set reminders, log testing and dosing information, and access your tank from anywhere
Affordable entry into Apex ecosystem with ability to add-on/expand as you see fit


When possible we recommend the superior reliability of a wired network connection for your Apex or Apex Pro, however when that’s not possible your Apex is perfectly capable connected on WiFi.

So, for this Apex we spent countless man-hours developing an incredible 802.11g/n Wi-Fi connection with reliability that rivals a wired connection.  And, the connection process to your home network is amazingly simple – getting you set up and on the Apex Fusion cloud service in just a couple of minutes!


Built in WiFi, key parameter monitoring, and reliable equipment control. Prevent catastrophes, take corrective actions, and receive alerts to your smart phone when things go awry. Set reminders, log testing and dosing information, and keep tabs on your aquarium from anywhere in the world. All this and more is possible with the Neptune Apex Controller System! The Apex’s included WiFi allows you to connect to the free Fusion Cloud interface, where you can do everything from calibrating probes to customizing outlets with just a few taps. Fusion also gives you the ability to monitor and control your Apex from anywhere and on nearly every device platform – computer, tablet, or smart phone – Windows, OSX, iOS, or Android.

The Fusion interface has a user-friendly design sure to create a headache-free command center for all your aquarium automation needs. Its drag and drop interface allows you to toggle control switches, graphs, video tiles and more to your dashboard, allowing for easy customization that is focused on your individual monitoring needs. Being that the Fusion is a web-based application, you will never have to endure the rigmarole of endless app updates, clumsy touch screens, or complicated drivers to install. Whenever you open the interface, you are always running the most current version of the software. Set up and configuration is streamlined with an easy-to-follow guided user interface.

A3 Apex Jr Base Unit
The Neptune Systems Apex A3 – Jr is an affordable, entry level monitoring-only solution that keeps tabs on only your most essential tank needs. Track temperature, pH, water level, and floor leaks while keeping the door open to further monitoring and control options down the line.

The Apex Jr features two AquaBus ports that will allow you to connect to additional modules and accessories to continue building out your control system. Want to add Salinity monitoring? Just connect a PM2 module. Need Dissolved O2 monitoring? Simply add a PM3. How about control and monitoring of pumps, lights, and other equipment? Snag an EB632 Power Bar. The opportunities for expansion are endless.

*NEW* MOS Magnetic Optical Sensor
The Neptune MOS replaces the previous OS-1-M and features an updated design that fits into tighter spaces and helps to prevent water incursion into the sensor. The MOS plugs into an Apex FMM port and, using reflected infrared light, will signal your Apex when it changes state from being wet to dry or dry to wet. This sensor can be used for constructing your own ATO (auto-top-off), as a high-level warning sensor in your sump, water storage level sensor, and much more. The sensors can be mounted on any type of reservoir that has up to 1/4″ thick walls.
LD-2 Surface Leak Detection Sensor
Neptune’s LD-2 is a full sized leak detection probe perfect for inside your stand, on hard floors, on top of skimmer cups, or any other flat surface where an overflow may cause issues. If water ever touches the sensor, your Apex Controller will be instantly notified so you can take corrective action and avoid disaster.
Lab Grade, Double Junction Probes
The Apex system includes high-quality probes for monitoring your tank’s temperature and pH. Calibration is a quick and simple process via the app dashboard, which will automatically recognize when your readings have stabilized and letting you know when to move to the next step– no more guesswork and reading RAW data. In addition, the double junction pH probe will allow your readings to stay more stable without the need to calibrate as often.
A3 Apex Bundle Includes:
  • 1 x A3 Apex Jr Base Unit
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Temperature Probe
  • 1 x pH Probe
  • 1 x MOS Magnetic Optical Sensor
  • 1 x LD-2 Leak Detection Sensor
  • Calibration Solutions (7 & 10)
  • Mounting Screws
  • Getting Started Card

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