Latest Bubble Magus and D-D Products

Latest Bubble Magus and D-D Products

We have some very smart products available online and instore, including products from Bubble Magus!

Bubble Magus ARF-1 Automatic Filter Roller

Bubble Magus

Bubble Magus ARF-1 Automatic Filter Rollers are back in stock and ready to go here at Marine Fish Shop

  • Pre-assembled in box
  • Great valve for money
  • Easy to change filter rolls
  • Can be installed with flexi pipe or 32mm hard plumbing
  • Available in-store & online

D-D H2Ocean P1 Dosing Pump

p1 dosing pump

The D-D H2Ocean P1 is a controllable dosing pump which uses the latest technology for simple direct connection to your iPhone/Android device.


  • Direct control of dosing pump via iPhone/Android device
  • Small form factor – 100mm (L) x 60mm (H) x 100mm (D)
  • Multiple P1 units can be connected (daisy chained) together
  • High quality PharMed tubing used in pump head
  • Flow rate calibration function


  • Single dosing head
  • Adjustable dosing volume ‘Auto Mode’ 0.5 – 6500ml
  • Adjustable dosing volume ‘Manual Mode’ 0.1 – 6000ml
  • Accuracy: <+/-2%

D-D H2Ocean P4 PRO Dosing Pump

 data-recalc-dims=D-D H2Ocean P4 PRO Dosing Pump” width=”300″ height=”225″ />

These smart pumps have been jointly developed between D-D and Kamoer, a company with a strong reputation for the manufacture of medical grade dosing equipment, ensuring a high quality product with excellent reliability.  D-D also make the amazing D-D Pro Reef aquariums.

The footprint of these new pumps is incredibly small as the body of both versions are under 250mm wide and only 50mm deep.

The ‘P4 PRO’ version of our dosing pump utilises direct drive geared DC motors for the ultimate in dosing accuracy and precision at an affordable price.

The pumps will provide simple, flexible and precise control of supplement additions to your aquarium through the easy to use D-D H2Ocean mobile App (Android and IOS).


  • WIFI Control of dosing pump via iPhone/Android device
  • Smallest form factor
  • Software updatable via WIFI
  • Battery Back-up – settings saved if power lost
  • High quality PharMed® tubing used in pump heads
  • Flow Rate Calibration for each pump


  • 4 x dosing heads
  • Fluid Volume: 0.1ml – 9,999ml​
  • Accuracy: P4 PRO version <+/-0.5%

Dosing Functions:

  • 1 – 24 dosing times per day
  • User defined start/stop Dosing Period per day (does not have to be 24 hours, for example, user can set to auto dose from midnight to 6am only)
  • Daily/every “x” days specified days of week Dosing Frequency
  • Auto/Custom/Manual dosing options
  • Anti – Interference Delay between pump dosing
  • Monitors the amount of liquid remaining in each dosing container
  • Optional low profile mounting bracket available part number DDP4BKPRO

** Optional low profile mounting bracket available **

Box Contents:

  • 1 x H2OCEAN 4 Channel Wi-Fi dosing Pump ( PRO VERSION)
  • 1 x Multi Region Power Supply
  • 1 x 10ml Measuring cylinder for calibration
  • 1 x Clip on tube manifold
  • 1 x 3 meters of tubing

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