Ecotech Coral Glue 30ml

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Ecotech Coral Glue 30ml

Pro glue is an ultra thick super glue gel that has a working time of up to 8 hours out of water. Once exposed to water the glue will bond within 5-15 seconds. This extended working time makes pro glue the ideal solution to extended fragging sessions.

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Ecotech Coral Glue 30ml

Ecotech Coral Glue 30ml – Whether you’re working with coral frags or sculpturing your live rock; this glue will get the job done. Finally superior inter-molecular bonding in a form that is easy to apply, less messy, and has an extended shelf life. Try a superior product from the company that brought you the VorTech pump and experience glue the way it should be.

The specially designed positive pressure packaging helps to stop water entering the tube when submerged allowing you to work underwater without the issue of the tube getting contaminated and the glue going to waste.


  • Glue your corals upside down in your tank
  • Glue your corals and rock under water
  • Sets in 10 seconds
  • Cures in 5 minutes
  • Triple distilled for purity
  • pH neutral
  • Gel Consistency
  • Non-cloggin pin-cap
  • 2 year shelf life


  • Ensure in-tank flow is off
  • Apply glue to coral or rock above or under water
  • Hold item in desired location until stable
  • Allow glue to set and cure before turning flow back on

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