D-D Jumpguard Pro DIY Aquarium Cover 180cm x 90cm

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D-D Jumpguard Pro DIY Aquarium Cover 180cm x 90cm

The new Jumpguard Pro now includes cutout and brace bar parts as standard and an aesthetic black mesh.

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D-D Jumpguard Pro DIY Aquarium Cover 180cm x 90cm

D-D Jumpguard DIY Aquarium Covers. There is nothing worse than coming down in the morning to finding your favourite fish lying dead and crispy on the carpet.

Many fish, especially wrasse, have a tendency to jump from the tank when frightened or chased by another fish and so a solution to preventing the loss of such fish should be high on every fish keepers priority list.

D-D Jumpguard covers are a very lightweight, sleek, low visual impact and easy to construct screen cover suitable for most aquarium types, specifically designed to prevent fish loss due to jumping whilst maintaining high light penetration.

The new Jumpguard Pro now includes cutout and brace bar parts as standard and an aesthetic black mesh.

D-D JUmpguard

Included in the kit:

The Jumpguard Aquarium Cover is a kit of parts which allows the aquarist to create a custom frame for their specific aquarium. The rigid corners and extruded aluminium section create a very solid frame which sits neatly inside glass of the aquarium glass, resting on the top lip.

Kit Contents:

  • 200cm x 110cm 1PC Bird Mesh Black Material
  • 90cm Lengths of section in black extrusion profile
  • 1 x Red spline roller tool
  • 6 x Black standard corners
  • Black spline, total length 5.9m
  • 2 x Black finger pull
  • 8 x Brace clips
  • 3 x 90cm Brace bar
  • 2 x Reverse corner
  • 2 x T Corner
D-D Jumpguard Pro DIY Aquarium Cover 120cm x 75cm

New Profile Design

The special extruded aluminium profile is now shaped with a lip which sits directly onto the edge of the glass, removing the requirement for any additional clips or brackets. The section is extruded then powder coated in a tough, low sheen, black finish for greater scratch resistance and greater aesthetics.

Special Corners Integrate with Silicone Joints

The lower section of the corners is specifically designed so that it does not interfere with the silicone bead in the corners of your tank which gives a tight fit to the glass with no gaps. It also makes it easier and neater to cut off the corner if you want to bring wires out at the back of the tank for pumps and heaters.

New Black Mess with Maximum Light Penetration

For those concerned with loss of light penetration into your reef tanks, we tested light levels with a Apogee MQ-200 meter and got the following results:
PAR without cover around 390 – 400 • PAR with cover around 380 – 390 • Approximately a 2.5% reduction in light with no shadowing at all.

Available Sizes:

  • TC7575PRO – 75cm x 75cm nominal size
  • TC12075PRO – 120cm x 75cm nominal size
  • TC18090PRO – 180cm x 90cm nominal size

Jumpguard Multi Cut-out Set

Each Jumpguard Multi-cutout Set provides you with 3 different cutout options to allow you to modify the frame around any light brackets, cables or pipework etc.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 pair of 15mm offset corners
  • 1 pair of 40mm offset corners
  • 1 x 40mm x 120mm lighting bracket or rigid cut-out
Jumpguard Multi Cut-out Set

Jumpguard Flexible Cut-out Set

The Jumpguard Flexi-cutout Set provides you with 2 standard corners and 2 reverse corners to allow you to modify the frame around any larger overflow boxes, light brackets, cables or pipework etc, that would not be covered by the Multi-Cutout Set.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 pair of standard corners
  • 1 pair of reverse corners
Jumpguard Flexible Cut-out Set

Jumpguard Brace Bar Set

For larger aquariums or whenever fitting a cutout set we recommend installation of one or more brace bars to retain the structural integrity of the frame and to stop the outer edges from pulling in together.

Each kit includes:

  • 2 x 900mm x 12mm x 8mm brace bars
  • 2 x T piece connectors
  • 6 x connector clips
D-D Jumpguard Brace Bar

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