ClariSea Extra Long Fine Fleece SK3000XL

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ClariSea Extra Long Fine Fleece SK3000XL

Replacement Fine Fleece roll for the ClariSea Fleece Filters SK3000

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ClariSea Extra Long Fine Fleece for SK3000XL


The ClariSea team have spent many months working to develop a new more efficient long life fleece and this has now been released as the ClariSea XL Fleece, with the following benefits;

Increased flow through the media for longer life

  • Improved dirt removal for cleaner water and darker rolls
  • Reduced effect on skimmer foam when first changing a new roll
  • Improved water resistance of centre disposable core
  • 40m roll length – 60% longer than the original 25m rolls
  • Made in Europe
  • 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • Phosphate Free Fleece Material
  • 1 x SK-3000 Fine Fleece Roll

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